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Anything's possible. What you have to do is show your drive and ambition to potential employers in the interview process. Stress that you are willing to do whatever it takes. Even this will usually result in a starting position as a prep cook or as a pantry cook, at best. Then, show that same drive and ambition on the job. If the chef doesn't move you up in 3-6 months, he/she is either unable to or somehow can't see potential in employees (in which case you are better off moving on).

On the other hand, starting as a dishwasher is a not so bad idea. It's not a high brainpower job, but it gives you the chance to show your work ethic and ability to organize to your employers (2 very valuable assets for a line cook). Plus, you get to watch everything that's going on and learn. There are also prep duties involved, usually. Plus, once you move on to a chef's position, part of your abilities should be to be able to work any station as well as, or better than, your employees. Including your dishwashers.

Regarding your earlier post, "2 cape chef", if you would post it again, I'm sure that the rest of us would be glad to help you, if you like. Cape Chef has had a busy week, so was apparently unable to answer your query.
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