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Hello everyone, I'm really interested in baking and pastry arts and plan to study this area next yea, but I have problems of choosing schools. I've searched some information from internet, people said schools in French are good, or maybe some in Japan are also nice, but the problem is I don't have time to study those languages, so here comes my first question:

Among English speaking school, are Canada's school the ideal one for me? 

And I have budget limits, it's will be around AU 20,000.

So far the following schools are in my considering list:

1. Vancouver Community College

2. George Brown College 

3. Algonquin college

4. Nigara College

(Are there any other school you guys recommend, I think I can only afford 1-year course tuition)

I don't know how to choose can anyone give me some advices? Or how's the schools' reputations&teachers&baking classroom equipments? How's the graduated students' quality? 

That's a huge amount money for me, I really want to learn some basic skills at school and try to find some apprentice baker's job then to learn more. (People said after graduating I can apply for temporary working VISA in Canada?) But also I'm hesitate cause I don't know the real working environment now in Canada, do the shops really need that much new bakers...etc.

Anyone can give me some ideas :/ Thank you. 

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Having attending a one day class at the le cordon bleu in Paris I know all classes are taught in French with an English translator. Students from around the world come and English is the main language taught.
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Few question since this is so much money for you. Have you worked professional as a baker/pastry chef? If you have not then I would not spend that much money on school. I would find a great local pastry shop and talk with the owner about doing a "stage" and getting a feel for it. As for the schools you mentioned I really think that you can learn most of what you need to at the local community colleges they are cheaper and general very good if you do your research.
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