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davod's blues

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\:beer: :smoking: hi david,
i recently returned from working in the uk for a year,so i can relate to your your situation,first of all your health must come before anything,are you at all into homeopthay? if you are try to find yourself a good nautropath(alternative medicine)and get your body squared away so you can function on the level you want to and need to .what do you think good idea? if your body and your inner organs are stressed than they cannot do their job,ie appendix,hernia....
after you have that all straight,try to find your self a job as an apprentice,somewhat so you can learn and get paid at the same time.chef work is not easy it is dirty long hours downright awful sometimes but it is the nature of the biz. for me i have put my time in and now i pick and choose where europe or where ever i want to work and how hard. like in scotland i worked on a luxury barge . it was 105 ft long and it slep 8 with three crew. gr8 job piece of cake no heavy lifting i shopped my own food made my own hours depending on what and for how many i had to cook for. you can do anything you want it is out there you just have to find it. i don't know your skills i have been cooking for 20 yrs,in that time i have i have worked all over the states learned many cusines and read everything i could get my hands on. so to you my friend dive in,keep you head to the sky and design what you want and make it happe. best of luck
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Ruth what are you replying to so I can move this reply to the topic you were trying to reply to? Thanks. And remember, when you want to add your comments, click post reply.

She is replying to my earlier post which was moved to this board - about being stuck in a rut!

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