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Okay, took a look in the fridge the other day. I had purchased a pound of fresh ground beef, on sale for $4.49 a pound. My intention was to do some meatballs, but never got around to it. Took it out of the fridge, and it was, uh, a little past its prime.

The Players

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Not a very appetizing color, is it? But it still smelled just fine, so I went ahead with the plan. Had the potato on the counter for some time, on the verge of sprouting. And who knows how long that half onion has been in there?

The Procedure

First step was to prep the patoot. Give it a good scrub, cut it in half. Cue the mandolin.

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Once I had the potato slices and was satisfied with the count of my fingers, put the chips into a salted, ice water bath.

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Which seems strange, as it is an attempt to remove potato starch from the chips before frying. But so many Asian recipes ADD potato starch to help crisp up fried foods. Maybe a later discussion can delve into it.

I like the cold oil start, the drained and dried potatoes are put into a pot of room temp oil. The pot then gets a medium high flame. The chips sit undisturbed for 5 minutes, then are stirred every once in a while to cook them evenly, without sticking.

While the chips are cooking, the onion gets the mandolin treatment. Leaving the skin and root end on provides a nice handle for this sort of thing.

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And you can get a better idea of how long this onion has been stashed in the fridge from the face of it.

Okay, onions sliced. And someday I hope to pronounce "onion" just like Justin Wilson!

No picture, but I took about a 4 ounce blob of the gray meat and formed a ball. Got my cast iron nice and hot. Dropped the ball onto the pan, liberal dash of salt, covered with the onions.

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Yes, there really is a beef patty under those onions!

Gave it a smash, got it nice and flat. Left unmolested for a few minutes. Flipped it over, added a slice of American cheese, let the bun ride.

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The chips had finished a bit earlier, salted when hot. Ready to plate.

The Product

Oh baby, nothing like a fried onion burger! The roll is not a Martin's, so burger scholar George Motz might not approve, but it was tasty!

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One of my favorites! The chips were a great side!

How much did this cost me? Well, as I said the ground beef was $4.50 a pound, so about a dollar's worth. Maybe 50 cents worth of onion, and I'll say 50 cents worth of old potato as well. Probably 30 cents for the bun, maybe the same for the slice of cheese. So all told under 6 bucks for a delicious meal. And WAY better than 5 bucks spent on a quarter pounder with cheese!


ps: Had another one the following day. It didn't taste quite the same. Tossed the rest of the beef into the bin.
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