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Desire an air fryer

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Today my friend cooked some chicken legs in an air fryer and the result was that best tasting legs I've eaten since the 1990s when they were last cooked in a regular gas oven. Electric ovens don't get it. I'd like to get an air fryer to roast/bake a whole chicken, legs or maybe eve a roast beef. Recommendations anyone!
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I've had good luck with the Ninja foodi grill:


I actually saw the "Senior version" in action late last year, Very impressive.
@calvados.boulard @brianshaw I purchased the Gourmia GAF 1230 14 qt with rotisserie which is perfect for a 3+ pound fryerl Just what I was looking for. The rotisseried bird came out perfectly. These air fryers, they seem like glorified toaster ovens with a smaller cooking chamber that concentrates the heat more intensely toward the center.
Just keep in mind, the only difference between convection oven and air fryer is the temp it can go up to while having fan running. I use one at home, and its the Cuisine Art, and that thing gets to high temps, and has a nice large fan on it. I tried a few others that didnt do too well. But for commercial use, IDK
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