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I made the mincemeat for Christmas, figuring it would give a chance to the flavours to really developed. Once I put the mincemeat in sterilised jars I realised I had put in lemon juice, something I did not do last year. There is a lot of brandy and spice plus all the sugar of the fruits and the brown sugar I added.

Will it be safe to eat in four months? I’m not sure because of the lemon juice. I did not do process the jar in a water bath, but did boil the lid to activate the mason jar glue.

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Guess I forgot to mention a few things. I put the mason jars in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Remove them and put them in a 200°F pre heated oven for another 10 minutes or so. I boiled the lids for the correct time. Then I filled the jars put in the sealing lid and left it on the counter. I now put it in the fridge because I wasn’t sure if it would be safe to eat left at room temperature for four months.

The mince meat is made of mostly dried fruits and some candied fruits. Pecans, lots of spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, tiny amount of cloves and all spice. I used the zest and juice of one lemon. A little brown sugar lots of brandy.

I am not equipped to do real canning. I mentioned the idea of canning fruits and vegetables to my doctor she looks at me and said don’t you have enough problems as it is? I thought the brandy and the sugar contained in the fruits, and the little I added, would be enough to naturally preserved the mincemeat.

I did the same thing last year, minus the lemon juice. I made the mincemeat in October though , left it in the cupboards until Christmas. I opened the jar two days using it. Added a finely chopped apple let it rest covered in a bowl in the fridge. I then made the miniature tarts baked it for the allowed time and froze them, taste one my first taste of mincemeat, and gave it to my step mother for Christmas, and you know what she is still alive!

Thanks for all your help!

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That might be a problem TBH, there is no recipe. My recipe is loosely based on three or four recipes. When I decided to make it this year I thought I would play it safe and actually measure what went in my mincemeat. I tried to take note as I was doing it but in the end I forgot to write down what I was adding. It must have been the brandy…Good plan if only I had actually follow through. Here is what I have.

1 cup raisins and cranberries - dried
1/2 cup mixed peel
1/3 cup candied fruits
4 prunes
8 apricots
1/4 cup cédrat (no idea what it is in English)
1/4 cup currants (the very small raisins)
2 figs
zest of 1 lemon
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 tablespoons candied pineapple
1 cup pecans, chopped
1 dried pear
3/4 cup brandy
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/3 teaspoon nutmeg
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup brown sugar

Now is where it starts to be less precise. A bit of candied papaya for colour. A few slices of candied ginger. A touch of allspice and clove, more brandy. More spices another touch of brandy. Mix everything in a big bowl and pour into prepared jars. This is in essence what I did. Might be a little more spice and brandy...

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Wendy I could not figure out what the **** stands for?

Thebighat you should know it's not a very sweet mincemeat, you may want to adjust the amount of sugar to suit your taste. Last year I made a "taste tube". Just a small jar with a few teaspoons of mincemeat so I could taste it once in a while to see if it needed more spices or alcohol. I kept it beside the jars in the cupboard for two months. Now I know why you wanted the recipe. ;)

I am worried about the lemon juices because it is acidic. Who's right does it help or does it provide a good environment for bugs of all kind? I am pretty sure I read about that somewhere only I can't remember if it's good or bad. Will the alcohol be enough to kill any organism that might develop? I do have to catch up on preserving.

Here's what I am thinking of doing. I will reopen the jars. Heat up the mincemeat mixture to 165°F for 15 minutes Will that affect the texture of the mincemeat? I wouldn't want the fruits to all get mushy. I'll add more brandy once the mincemeat has cooled down so the alcohol will not burn. Finally I will make sure it is all well packed in. I'll use new jars, sterilised as before and close with new seals but no water bath.

Then I'll hope for the best. It should be fine, after all it worked last year. Plus the mincemeat will cook in the tartelettes. I even froze them before giving them. All that heat and cold should kill any bugs that gets into it.

In Richard Sax's Classic Home Desserts he talks about a British TV show where a panel was eating pie made with mincemeat that had been preserved for over 100 years. Once they found out they were not amused but none of them died…

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!

P.S. Just found this information thought it might help others.

Foods that are low acid have a pH of more than 4.6 and because of the danger of botulism, they must be prepared in a pressure canner.

The low acidic foods include:

 meats
 seafood
 poultry
 dairy products
 all vegetables

High acid foods have a pH of 4.6 or less and contain enough acid so that the Clostridium botulinum spores can not grow and produce their deadly toxin. High acidic foods can be safely canned using the boiling water bath method.

The high acidic foods include:

 fruits
 properly pickled vegetables

Certain foods like, tomatoes and figs, that have a pH value close to 4.6 need to have acid added to them in order to use the water bath method. This is accomplished by adding lemon juice of citric acid.

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