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Dinner turned out well. It's nice to see that I haven't lost my touch! I appreciate everyones advice and thoughts. I am sorry that I didn't necessarily take you up on all the suggestions though they were all good.
At the last minute I decided on this:

Mixed field green salad with a filo beggars purse of wild mushrooms, shallots and roasted beet brunoise. The dressing was a roasted beet vinaigrette.

Main course was the boned cornish hens rubbed in and out with tapenade and roasted. Finished with an extra virgin olive oil crisping. Served with pan jus.

Parmesan risotto with hen stock
and roasted asparagus with shallots and sea salt.

Yes, dessert was not fancy. I have a small mountain of good chocolate to use up and my wife was craving mousse so that's what I made; French style chocolate mousse with fresh cream. Tea and Kahlua and sambuca on the side.
It was a nice evening and we had some leftovers for dinner tonight.
Again thanks for the help, and just because I didn't necessarily use any given suggestion does not mean it didn';t get put to use in one form or another. I wish I could do all of it at once!:chef:
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