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I stayed at the Grand Floridian for 4 days (then 3 on the Disney Magic ship) two years ago. The Unofficial Guide (Bob Sellinger) was required reading for previewing the restaurants (so we could reserve before arrival), not to mention great strategies for getting to see everything. We did not eat great food, but did better than expected, still for waay too much money but we just planned on that and didn't worry.

The Hoop-de-doo was a major disappointment for me (sorry chiliboy). So-so food (fine) wasn't the problem so much as the extreme cornball show that you are kind of stuck at for an evening, since you are in the middle of nowhere. All you can eat food, so good value for big eaters. You get all you can drink beer and wine, but it is very low end. Nice Great Hall, though.

Lunches we liked: The Brown Derby in MGM Studio, nice atmosphere, straightforward food. Spoodles at the BoardWalk, Mediterranean food interestingly spiced, casual, friendly and un-chain-like. Chefs de France in Epcot, not everything was great but enough things stood out, good service.

Oddly, I can't remember much about dinner.
Have a ball, we did.

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