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Hello all!

I have been interested in culinary school for quite some time, went to visit several of them (including CIA & NECI), worked in the industry, yet despite my love of food and cooking, have a hard time seeing myself at one of these schools. My goal isn't to work on a line or necessarily become an Executive Chef or anything ... my goal is essentially to indulge my lifelong love of all things culinary by attending a school focused not on getting me out into the industry, but on the actual artistry of food. (Not that the professional places don't do this, but, I really dislike the factory-esque quality that the large schools have).

So, I am wondering if anyone knows of any good small schools, ANYWHERE in the country (I am more than willing to relocate). Essentially, my fantasy is a small little gem of a place, very intimate, informal, but dedicated to teaching the art of food. I have no clue if anything like this exists, but, I think I would really thrive in that sort of environment. If anyone has any ideas, please do let me know! Thank you!

Michele :)
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