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Tim Horton? Just kidding. I am not a big fan of donuts, At Eaton, downtown, there use to be a little machine that would make, fry and turn donuts. It's the only one I liked and I'd buy them only if they were hot.

If you'd like to find out more on the history of donuts:

The next time you dunk your favorite donut, thank The Salvation Army. While The Army may not have invented the first donut - that distinction is lost in history --it can certainly take credit for the popularity of donuts today...

For more, click here


"For over two hundred fifty years, doughnuts, which originated with Dutch bakes did not have holes in the center; the hole was an American modification that, once intoduced, redifined the shape of the pastry. The deep fried batter doughnut originated in the sixteenth century Holland, where it was known as an Olykoek..."

More websites to explore:

The Food Time Line

The Partially True History Of The Doughnut

P.S. In the Webster there is no donut only dough-nut
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