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Down Home Cooking!!

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This weekend I visited my Mother down in Beaumont Texas and OOh the food! It was killer!! Just to wake in the morning and eat breakfast at the Blackeyed Pea and for lunch we went to The Catfish Kitchen. And Mom cooked dinner for me and wouldn't(that's the way moms are) let me help at all. Well, except for the dishes. Sorry I couldn't make the party. I bet it was fun.
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In Hornby, Tennessee, just a wide spot in the road, is a wonderful place called the Sharcropper's Inn, the southern version of a roadside diner. We discovered it in 1991 while making a "Blue Highways; cross-country trip. We dined on the most marvellous barbecue served on rolls with cole slaw added to the sandwich. This was strictly a local place, and we found ourselves being invited to take part in a birthday lunch for a nice old boy. In attendance were several daughters and their husbands, a gaggle of grandchildren, plus the old boy himself with wife and very elderly father. It was a most wonderful lunch, and we will never forget it.
Such instances don't come very often.
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