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Anneke, I would drink that wine now. Unless you are planning on really getting into wine, your best bet is to buy bottles that are drinking now. Long term storage is a problem at home for most people. Wine is very sensitive to temp. flucations and long-term storage, under proper conditions, is impossible without some form of wine cellar where temp and humidity are controled. There are some options for those of us who want to "cellar" a few bottles, but can't afford to build a "cellar" under our house. First, there are small cellars that are more like coolers that you can buy. They range from $700 up to several $1000 and can hold from any number of bottles from 30-1000. The other option is to seek out a good wine merchant. Often times, larger, higher-end merchants will rent out space in their temp. controlled warehouses. They often charge a fee based on how many cases you cellar there, and I find the price to be quite reasonable. The only problem with this is you must plan ahead. You can't just grab that 1967 Petrus on a whim when the buddies come over for the big game. LOL!
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