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Been in the Food Industry for over 10 years and the last several years I have been actively working in various kinds of kitchens (ie. cafes, bowling alleys, golf courses). I've recently started taking ACF certified classes in this HCTI program at my community college to improve my skills and gain better direction to where I want to head with this passion.

My concern is the overuse of electronic textbooks. Particularly the "Revel for Exploring the Hospitality Industry -- Access Card, 4th Edition, Pearson" textbook. Have not been to the physical class yet but some assignments and reading are due the day before class. However I have a pretty busy schedule (yes I do it to myself, always trying to push myself to the limits), but access to this digital thing (I refuse to acknowledge it as a textbook) is warranted by a "course invite" link from the professor.

I prefer physical copies of books. And now after being forced to pay almost a hundred bucks for something I can't even use without some extra rigmarole that I will lose access to after the course is over has been both stressing me out and agitating the crap out of me. I feel it's already a hindrance to the things I want to learn.

Textbooks should help with learning not seek microtransactions and failure to deliver content.

Many students are having trouble accessing this heap of garbage so the Instructor has had to email pdf versions of the first two chapters to even complete the assignment. I've read that even after having access to the e-text it is beyond faulty in many ways.

Anyone have any experience with this? Any advice for frustration for e-texts and courseware with extra red tape instead of the convenience and intuitiveness of a normal e-book?

I hope things smooth out by the actual class, but trying to sort out this mess has wasted precious time for other classes and things.

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Wow. I just looked that up. I'm sorry I don't have any answers but I completely sympathize with your frustration. The website says shipping takes 4-9 days. What are they shipping if it's an e-book? Shouldn't you be able to simply download it or access it on a website? You have the option to buy it after the rental period but then what are you buying? I'm afraid the technology escapes me.
My only suggestion is to speak with the instructor to see what information the "book" provides that you can't learn from an actual book and which actual book would be a good substitute.
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