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Easy Beef Bourguignon vs Traditional

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I'm a novice at cooking, as I type I'm watching a very well respected cooking show (not sure if it's ok here to name which one) anyway they are showing a method where there is absolutely no stove top searing done. Basically everything gets roasted first then you make a roux, strain it and then braise it. Then the host goes on and on about what a pain it is to sear it all separately. So I'm curious, how many of you professionals consider that fine to do or how many of you wouldn't dare do that and why? another short cut, they used frozen and peeled pearl onions instead of using fresh ones that they blanched and peeled. Thanks  
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It all depends on you and your desire to cook or not.

The steps that are taken in the recipe are there to develop the flavor that makes the dish, the dish.

Weather you choose to follow the steps or not is your choice.

Beef Bourguignon is one of those dishes.

Shows that explain how to make a dish easier do not take into account the reasons for the extra time and effort.
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