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Edible Flowers

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Wondering how many of you incorporate these into your cooking/presentaion?

Any favorite uses?

Any favorite varieties of flowers? mm :rolleyes:
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Dear Cchiu:

I love edible flowers! They are the best decoration for many dishes.

My most favorite ones are:

Nasturtiums (they are prolific)
Lemon rose geranium leaves and flowers as garni
Johnny Jump-ups
Rose petals (rose petal sorbet is one of my favorites)
Calendula petals
Chamomile blossoms

Bon Appetit

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Dear CC:

Your posting just reminded me that in Greece we use the zuchini flowers in cooking!

Dear CC:

If my memory serves me well, in Greece we used to stuff them but also eat them fried in olive oil.(What else?)

:eek: WOW!! :eek:

Thank you Cchiou!

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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