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Edible Flowers

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Wondering how many of you incorporate these into your cooking/presentaion?

Any favorite uses?

Any favorite varieties of flowers? mm :rolleyes:
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And to just add to the list!!

Flowers you might not know are edible,and beautiful,

Amareth flowers
The flower of artichokes are a soft lavender color
The flowers of different types of beans
Chives (like said before)
Dill and even eggplant.
Jerusalem artichokes have a lovely yellow flower.
okra and salsify have white and light blue flowers
Suger snaps have a nice white and sometimes purple flower

I love the fern like foliage of asparagus or the tiny flowers on thyme,also like papa said,the scented geranium,weather lemon,rose ect are almost impossible to resist
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Hi Papa!

I would say in the late 70s we started seeing zucc blossems over here,and seeing them used in culinary preparations.I have stuffed many a zucc blossem..but like anything that is hot and popular you have to pay through the nose for them now. What a shame for something that used to be discarded
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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