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Hi Chefs,

I'm soon launching a street food business and am researching and testing empanada dough recipes and am looking for some advice for a recipe for baked empanada dough using olive oil or canola oil. I have looked at a range of existing businesses and see that many use a simple flour/oil/water based dough.

I have tried flakier pastry recipes with butter or beef and pork lard and while delicious I need to find a dough that works well for large production and would like to find one recipe that would work for meat/veggie or vegan fillings and that isn't too delicate and fragile but of course still tasty. I also want to use quality ingedients and olive oil has a lot of health benefits.

My results have been mixed using flour 500g, tsp salt, 100 ml oilive oil, 250ml cold water.

I am struggling to get the consistency exactly right. Not so stiff that it is hard to roll out and not too soft and flexible that it is hard to hand fold the repulge. Any advice about the recipe and steps would be welcome. I use a machine with dough hook to knead for approx 3 mins then rest the dough in fridge for half an hour before rolling out.

Also would love to hear from anyone who has advice about work flow for mass production and the tools, equipment you use.

Thanks in advance,

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