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We often do an entree for two on special days like Valentines or New Years or even just as a special on the weekend. Execution is key as cooking times, carving if applicable and not bogging down one station (usually meat station) are the biggest concerns.

Things we've done before are roasted duck with pommes parisienne sauteed in duck fat, glazed pearl onions and carrots and a duck jus. This was executed well but the carving tripped up FOH, the duck was presented on a wooden board and the sides in bowls. FOH was supposed to carve it at the table but during service every server simply presented the duck to the guest and brought it back to the kitchen for BOH to carve. This wouldn't be an issue if we weren't tight staffed but that night we had no extra hands and carving ducks behind the line on a busy Friday was making things difficult. A dry aged ribeye with chanterelles, sauce bearnaise, whipped celery root and red watercress w/ vinaigrette was easy to execute but it sold so fast that keeping up with it on one station was difficult, fish station ended up doing the sides to help out. We've also done whole salmon, slow roasted lamb shoulder amongst others.

Any more ideas for entrees for two? Keep in mind we are not the type of restaurant where our guests are looking for something too adventurous with the protein. Pig's head for two despite being delicious and popular at a restaurant in the metro wouldn't sell at our place.

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You're not going to do pig's head "peking" style with pig's blood hoisin and asian pancakes? Come on dude!

What about rack of pork, cooked on the bone, then cut off the bone and sliced for 2?

A nice roasted chicken, while a bit pedestrian, can always be a scene stealer if executed well. Carving could be an issue there, but shouldn't take too long. 

Slow roasted leg of lamb might work well too. 

Monkfish "osso bucco" on the bone....

Just spitballing. 

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I just love the idea of a roasted rack of lamb.

A side could be some frites ou sauteed potatoes with herbs.

An herb sauce.

You could serve maybe a whole roasted snapper or some other fish. Stuffed maybe.

Lots of citrus.

Sides could be some veg, i think cauliflower, greens, and maybe some type of pickles veg or something glazed.

Also i used to work at a place that we used to serve a curried shrimp white cococunt soup inside a pumpkin bowl.

Since pumpkins can be smaller you could think of serving that. Side of bread or rice.

I know soup soulds like a cop out, but this soup was thick, many pieces of shrimp and other fish. Great taste. It had potatoes and veg inside too.

A place i used to work at now serves this Lamb Pallette that seems to also be very successful.

Heres a foto...


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Chatobriand, bearnaise sauce

Cote de boeuf, hollandaise sauce

Whole bass, cream cherry tomato sauce

Confit shoulder of spring lamb, red wine sauce, mint jelly

Garnishes: sauteed potatoes,roasted Jerusalem artichokes, creamed spinach, I don't really know what is in season there....

hope this helps
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