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If you buy on line, your warranty is basically useless.

Buy all new refrigeration. Buy from a dealer who can service, and is not too far from you. If its an odd ball unit, make sure they carry parts for it.

Buy mixers, ovens, proofers, etc, used. Buy from a reputable bakery dealer who will warranty at least 3 mths. Remember, as you grow and need more equipment, you have a relationship with this dealer, and he should take in your old equipment if you buy new stuff from him.

Buy as much of your smallwares (bowls, sheetpans, sinks, shelving, etc) used. Doesnt matter if its craigslist, auctions, or used restauant eqpt. dealers.

Stay away from gravity coil refrig. Display cases, and make sure the case is NOT constructed with oarticle board/mdf, and cheap laminate.

Good luck!
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