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Experience with Restaurant Manager POS

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I have been in the industry for twenty years, and just recently got hired for my first executive chef position. They use Restaurant Manager POS , and ironically I have been clocking into this system since my commie days, but now it has come time to start learning the ropes of this software. I am extremely technology/software literate and have no doubt I can figure it out, but interestingly enough, I can't find anything about the software online. Does anyone have any pointers, tips and advice, or know of any tutorials on the software?

Thanks in advance 
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Give this a try:
7 day free trial provides access to roughly 60 video tutorials. I've linked to the signup page as well as the YouTube channel with sample videos. You may want to send off an email asking if the videos are still relavent to the current build of RMPOS.
I'm in no way affiliated with Restaurant Manager POS or the training co. Just saw your post and thought I'd try to help.

I saw that site but somehow missed the seven day trial. Gonna crash course it and see what I can get out of it. 

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