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Externships and Traveling to the EU

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I am currently enrolled at LCB Sacramento and am half way through the program.  I need to set up an externship, and idealy want to be somewhere north of SF.  I've heard there are two types of kitchens out there... angry chefs, and teaching chefs... I can handle the yelling, but why get screamed at everyday if you don't have to.  Any Ideas on a Micheline Stared restaurant with a down to earth chef?  

Also, I am looking forward to moving to Europe in a year but have no connections for jobs... any ideas???


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Guys are waiting on line for this.
Can't your cookery school give you ideas regarding externships in Europe?

The fact is:  as I think I've already told you,  the system for working in any EU country nowadays is difficult - just like any European trying to get a work visa for the USA.
You did you did.  I'm new to this forum, and though if I posted my questions in the "culinary students" page I might get some different perspectives... Your advice has been helpful, I'm just gathering intel so I'm prepared : )

"Waiting in line"?  As in there's no hope?  There must be a way...  Would Hotels be a better option?

Thank You
First of all  years ago going to Europe was the way to go even  I did it, but that was the 60 s.  Today this country has cuisine as good as there. We have come a long way over the years and have fostered a good group of dedicated culinarians who really have elevated the US.  Look at Keller, he started here in Palm Beach and look at him now.
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