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Was wondering if we could get a discussion going about culinary school externships. When I was in school it was difficult to know where to go for your externship. Some kids went with the big name chefs and ended up only peeling carrots and cleaning lettuce. Anyone out there have an externship experience to share good or bad?
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I realize this is an old thread that got brought back up...but it's a weird cooincidence since I was coming here to ask advice from current and former NECI and culinary school students. I am going to be attending NECI starting in a couple of weeks, and am trying to start to line up options for intern.

I was basically wondering if they school places you in a restaurant or hotel, or if they can/will place you if you want. I understand that I can choose where to go, but how would you guys approach chefs about doing an intern? Should I call, send e-mails, resume, all of the above, etc?

Any advice would help...thanks.
Yes I did get financial aid. A LOT of aid. But the staff at NECI was very helpful walking me through the process. I leave in a couple weeks and clases start of the 12th.
Thanks for the congrats. I'm looking forward to it...I leave in less than a week. Bit of a long drive, but I'll break it up into smaller chunks and get to see some of the country I've never been to. Spending about a day in DC, and may stop at graceland if I have time.
Yeah they closed the commons right after I got to Montpelier. I actually had to go through and inventory and catalog some of the equipment from there in my Inventory Mangaement class. I have to say that I respect the school for making that decision, basically closing a restaurnat because it was TOO busy and the student's education was suffering.

So it's cool that they realized there was a problem and they moved to fix it, even at the expense of profits (there's a weird sentence, expense of profits).

So far I am loving the school. There are just a couple of minor gripes that have no bearing on the culinary education, and my instructors have been FANTASTIC and the admin. staff wonderful and helpful as well.

Just spent my first day in the AM cafeteria class, which was fun. Not ultimately the type of food I want to end up doing, but educational nonetheless.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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