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Discussion Starter · #1 · camp finally started last week, I cooked with the kids for 3 hours on Friday. They had visited the farm and were working with the farmers all I made....
lemon verbena ice cream (they liked it dispite the herbaceousness
zucchini bread (again a fav)
beet salad....3 had had canned beets before and the others had never tried beets at all...they liked the chevre/beet/basalmic salad
Fingerling potato salad
Green Mayo from James Beard
squash....pittypan, babies and big

So...there have been a few changes and instead of my cooking 2 (3 hour sessions) with 14 (9-11 yr.olds) I'll be cooking 6 hours Monday and Thurs as well as 3 hours on Wed!!!
Monday will be egg day..
deviled eggs
angel food cake
pastry cream/then a tart with puff (bought)/topped with berries
Peach ice cream from a custard

Lamb sausages, mint couscous, fennel salad/fennel cooked

slides and a talk about other farms....

Jam....I got blackberries, peaches and will scrounge blueberries
fruit syrup
maybe a jelly roll...

Potato tasting with 5
Ice cream....I just love ice cream

So throw in 2 clients on Mon and Wed and a picnic for 150 on Friday as well as market on Sat....and you have my week.Whew.

*****So what really hits home is these kids are not only trying and LIKING beets they are honed into seasonal shtuff.What an incredible experience. I recommend it highly. If you've turned kids on to great food give us the dirt....

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Wow Shroom it sounds so great. To get so many kids to try new things is quite an accomplishment. Goes to show how open to new things kids can be.

Congratulations on your success Shroom!

P.S. Will there be an adult food camp too? :lips:

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Absolutely brilliant! Kids will learn to pay attention to their palates if they are taught to do so. Some of us are fortunate to have brown up in homes were eclectic flavors and cuisines were commonplace; others of us learned elsewhere- if we were lucky. Your students will have greatly enriched lives for your efforts!


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Actually I have market cooking classes, pulling foods from the farmer's market and teaching around it. (3 this summer) Also have a farm picnic Aug 11 at an educational farm with Joan Dye Gussow. Also the weekly cooking demos at the market...
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