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February Food Challenge....Recomposed

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We have seen many food challenges through the years.
Just perusing through the many years was a challenge in itself.
This month’s challenge will hopefully get more people involved.
We’re 85,000 plus strong on ChefTalk, yet only a small percentage play the challenge.
I’m challenging YOU!

This month’s challenge, “Recompose.”
I want you to take a convenience product and turn it into something it wasn’t meant to be.

It could be anything that you don’t make from scratch.

I’ll start: The Players...Stove Top Stuffing mix, ground into crumbs and used to bread chicken thighs and potatoes for frying.
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Be as creative as you wish. Think outside the box. The only rule is you must use a convenience product.
Have fun.
The rules:

The challenge begins on the 1st of every month. The last entry must be made by the last day of the month.
You may post multiple entries.
All entries must be cooked during the month of the challenge.
If you use a documented recipe, please cite your source.
Entries should include the name of your dish and a picture of the final product. Sharing personal recipes and pictures of the process are not mandatory but extremely helpful.
The winner is chosen by the person who posted the challenge, and is announced after the last day of submissions. The decision is final and falls entirely at the discretion of the challenger.
Submitting an entry makes you eligible to win. If you do not wish to be considered for the win you may still participate in the challenge, but make your wishes known to the challenger.
The winner's bounty includes praise, virtual high-fives, and the responsibility of posting the next month's challenge. That entails choosing a theme, posting a Challenge thread that includes the guidelines, checking in on the submissions regularly during the month, and promptly choosing a winner at the end of the challenge.
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Brilliant idea! Not easy, though. Thinking cap on...

And your excellent example... reminds me of a favorite sport during college years:
Yep, thinking cap is on!
I'll need to find some "convenience" products. Not sure I have many or even any...
Gotta think...
Great idea. I may even be able to get an entry in. Now off to the store.
Brilliant idea! Not easy, though. Thinking cap on...

And your excellent example... reminds me of a favorite sport during college years:
How funny...I used to work at a Shakeys Pizza Parlor as a piano player on weekends
Wow. This one could be a real challenge. I'll see what I can come up with.

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OK, let's try...
And Chefross can comment if I got the idea right :)

I found a pack of olive pesto in the fridge (to me, pesto is made of basil, not olives, but that's beside the point)

Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Tobacco

I added some of the juice of a tomato to it and garlic. As you can never have enough garlic ;)

2 sourdough balls (not really a convenience product)
Sand dollar Natural material Circle Artifact Rock

Tin layer of olive pesto, tomato & cheese and we got olive pesto pizza
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Ah but Pesto doesn't always mean basil, pine nuts and oil. What you have here is more like an olive Tapenade.
Great Job Butzy
Come on, everyone!
You all got access to much more convenience items/products than me.
I got to the shops yesterday and there really is not much there.
Still got another idea though
Food Ingredient Condiment Postal scale Cuisine

Bread, tomato, cheese & a jar of nam prik pao (chili jam Nam Prik Pao (Thai Chile Jam))
I normally make it myself, but sometimes I buy it for convenience. This version is quite nice. I got another small jar that is way too sweet though.

Anyway, all the makings of a toasted sandwich, old fashion style

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Come on everyone, the month is already half over, and we've only had 2 entries.
How hard can it be?
Everyone uses a convenience product every once in a while.
I've got one planned, probably tomorrow.
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I know this should not be that difficult. I just seem to be having a dry spell, no inspiration whatsoever. Maybe I'll think about that envelope of onion soup mix...

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

My kids brought this one back from middle school cooking class.

This is a double batch.
2 boxes spice cake mix
2 15 oz cans pumpkin puree
chocolate chips, around 2 cups to taste--I'm going a little light

Product Food Ingredient Recipe Publication

Dump into a bowl
Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Recipe

mix making sure to get all the dry mix incorporated. There is still a bit more to mix here

Food Recipe Ingredient Tableware Tin can

Portion as a drop cookie--they don't spread hardly at all. So if you want it pretty, now is the time to make it so. I did not bother.

Food Ingredient Recipe Cuisine Dish

Bake 350 fro 16 minutes, reversing front to back, upper to lower rack at the 8 minute mark.
Remove to a rack.

Food Ingredient Recipe Cuisine Baked goods

Broken open to show crumb. These are very moist cookies.
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Wow....Only 8 days left people and only 2 challengers.
I KNOW you all can do better than that, I've seen your work in the many past challenges.
Come on folks let's get this going
I'm sure there should be plenty possibilities esp in countries with lots of ready made products!
I'm contemplating 1 or 2 more things....
Where is everyone?
And where are the entries?
Only 4 days left to this month's challenge.
I've got one coming in an hour when it comes out of the oven. My dad is declining and things are changing sucking up lots of my time.
This challenge really stumped me. It is VERY CHALLLENGING! I've been watching the thread but apparently have little of my own imagination (or initiative) so haven't even had much of an idea. An entry is in the works, though. Perhaps it won't be very inventive, but at least it will be a contribution to my favorite part of ChefTalk.
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