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Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

My kids brought this one back from middle school cooking class.

This is a double batch.
2 boxes spice cake mix
2 15 oz cans pumpkin puree
chocolate chips, around 2 cups to taste--I'm going a little light

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Dump into a bowl
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mix making sure to get all the dry mix incorporated. There is still a bit more to mix here

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Portion as a drop cookie--they don't spread hardly at all. So if you want it pretty, now is the time to make it so. I did not bother.

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Bake 350 fro 16 minutes, reversing front to back, upper to lower rack at the 8 minute mark.
Remove to a rack.

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Broken open to show crumb. These are very moist cookies.
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This is based on an idea in a Lee Kum Kee Europe Video.

from about 5:44 time but the other parts of the video are worthwhile too.

And perhaps I'm not recomposing that far from the intent of a stir fry to a sheet pan dinner but that is for Chefross to determine.

So I'll try to make a Sheet Pan Chicken and Veg Kung Pao Dinner. Choose veg that will cook at the same rate as your chosen chicken. I'm going with potato and cauliflower. if you want some faster cooking veg, just add them later at appropriate times.

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Chicken (boneless skinless thighs) and Sauce. Mix. Add some oil to help with the baking/roasting. Mix some more. The US sauce looks different than the EU sauce. More brown, less red.
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Set up on your baking sheet, I recommend using a liner of one sort or another for easy clean up. And add any extra marinade to bare items in the pan. She cooks hers at about 350 for an hour. I started at 375 because my pan is much more heavily loaded. Bumped it to 400 at the halfway mark as it seemed to be lagging. But you have to watch the temps and time as the sauce is high sugar.

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Almost done
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On the plate with a little of the extra sauce that pooled on the pan.

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I think I'd skip the extra oil if I do it again. There was enough in the sauce I think, at least for my taste. And it is much hotter than I was thinking it would be, but still pretty good. And easy.

Lee Kum Kee sells a bottled Kung Pao Sauce but the ingredients are different. So I don't know how that would work out.
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