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We have seen many food challenges through the years.
Just perusing through the many years was a challenge in itself.
This month’s challenge will hopefully get more people involved.
We’re 85,000 plus strong on ChefTalk, yet only a small percentage play the challenge.
I’m challenging YOU!

This month’s challenge, “Recompose.”
I want you to take a convenience product and turn it into something it wasn’t meant to be.

It could be anything that you don’t make from scratch.

I’ll start: The Players...Stove Top Stuffing mix, ground into crumbs and used to bread chicken thighs and potatoes for frying.
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Be as creative as you wish. Think outside the box. The only rule is you must use a convenience product.
Have fun.
The rules:

The challenge begins on the 1st of every month. The last entry must be made by the last day of the month.
You may post multiple entries.
All entries must be cooked during the month of the challenge.
If you use a documented recipe, please cite your source.
Entries should include the name of your dish and a picture of the final product. Sharing personal recipes and pictures of the process are not mandatory but extremely helpful.
The winner is chosen by the person who posted the challenge, and is announced after the last day of submissions. The decision is final and falls entirely at the discretion of the challenger.
Submitting an entry makes you eligible to win. If you do not wish to be considered for the win you may still participate in the challenge, but make your wishes known to the challenger.
The winner's bounty includes praise, virtual high-fives, and the responsibility of posting the next month's challenge. That entails choosing a theme, posting a Challenge thread that includes the guidelines, checking in on the submissions regularly during the month, and promptly choosing a winner at the end of the challenge.
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Brilliant idea! Not easy, though. Thinking cap on...

And your excellent example... reminds me of a favorite sport during college years:
How funny...I used to work at a Shakeys Pizza Parlor as a piano player on weekends

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Come on everyone, the month is already half over, and we've only had 2 entries.
How hard can it be?
Everyone uses a convenience product every once in a while.

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Wow....Only 8 days left people and only 2 challengers.
I KNOW you all can do better than that, I've seen your work in the many past challenges.
Come on folks let's get this going

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So, here we are, the day before this month's challenge ends, and all we have had are but a small handful of challengers.
With one day left to go, I'm going to relent and give up a few hints. These are meant to get your creativity going and not to copy:

Pop Tarts can be ground up and used as a base for cobbler or bars.
Egg noodles overcooked, drained, ground, add some flour and seasonings to make crackers or flatbread
Jarred salsa into soup
Jiffy Corn Muffin mix into batter for fried fish or chicken
LaChoy Chop Suey vegetables become Egg Foo Young patties
Boxed mac and cheese made into cheese bread
Boxed pancake mix made into cake or crepes
And last but not least....cheese curls made into a sour cream dip for veggies or chips.

It's not that hard to think outside the box peeps. Good luck all

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Happy March first.
Time to pick the winner of the February food challenge.
It's hard to think outside the box, isn't it?
That was the idea.
The one entry that decided it for me was Phatch's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. He was able to take a convenience product and turn it up-side down.
Congratulations Phatch. I hand the torch to you.
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