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Feedback Needed: Hobart Slicer

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I've emailed the owner an inquiry but I'll ask y'all. Does the Hobart slicer listed at the following url look as if it will slice slab bacon easily? The unit would be used domestically. TIA.
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dear kokopuffs,
howold is that slicer? must be ancient. i myself would be afraid to use it as it looks like there are no safety shields. after
having been sliced a couple of times on old equipment i would be leary of it. that's just me though. would you be using slicer for anything else?
i guess the next question would be, is it really worth $100? that's what it looks like it would be with the shipping added to it. did you check any of the used restaurant equipment places in your area to see if they have any comparable pieces and how much they are? you might be able to find similar or better and not have to worry about having it shipped. :)
in new england we have a magazine called the "want advertiser"
has ads for all kinds of things, has section specifically on store and restaurant equipment, you can usually get decent deals on stuff from people going out of business or upgrading, anything like that in your area? check the classifieds in your local paper too, you might find something there. :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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