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My husband just purchased a box of 20 (+/-) green figs that are now more yellow than green... He got a great deal for them but I'm a not sure there's anything I can do with them, considering that like all figs we get up here, they went from under-ripe to past-their-prime and skipped the flavourful phase in between.

Can I salvage this by cooking them? Any thoughs?
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I just read that note. I will try Anneke's recipe for sure!
Just for your records,here is a very easy little recipe I discovered in a book written by the original Athenaeus around 300 AD. He suggests this recipe as a desert in a symposium, just before the talk starts!
Split the figs and squeeze them to make them flat. The original recipe suggests that you should squeeze them until they get really flat but I do not do it because I do not want them to lose their shape completely!
Dry them in the oven in low temperature. Try to keep the peel drier than the "flesh" of the fruit.
When they are ready, sprinkle each piece with chopped roasted almonds and put them back together , by squeezing them a bit!Cut them in four and serve them.

Tell me something. I wonder if you make fig jam? From all the fruit marmelades, this one is my favorite. The queen of marmelades!

:) :)
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