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My husband just purchased a box of 20 (+/-) green figs that are now more yellow than green... He got a great deal for them but I'm a not sure there's anything I can do with them, considering that like all figs we get up here, they went from under-ripe to past-their-prime and skipped the flavourful phase in between.

Can I salvage this by cooking them? Any thoughs?
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First thing, any fig that you buy isn't a good example of this wonderful fruit.
It only get sweet on the tree, but when it's ripe it can't keep for more than a day.
I used to work in one country restaurant where a fig tree was growin into the kitchen! Great?! Maybe, the problem are the wasps, they lay their eggs in the male fruits.

Back to question, what I do with semi-sweet figs is to semi-dry them. Put in a low heat oven and dry for an hour. It intensify the flavor and makes them last longer.
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