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Figuring out your own food comes from having to solve real life food-related scenarios.

I just began a new job a few weeks ago.

Last week one of the staff comes up to me and says 'do you have a veggie burger we could put on the menu"?

My answer was 'of course I do!"

Then we had the discussion about what she likes and doesn't like and what restaurants in the area are doing;

and the name brand ones that I can buy.

I made a patty of of  pureed and chopped quartered artichoke hearts, pureed tofu and commercial cheap falafel mix.

Mix it up, let it set for an hour, portion them out and into the freezer they went. To serve I deep fry them. They turn out great.

I like them with a pile of grilled onions and melted cheese... Bailey -Hazen Blue...on a house-made potato roll.

Feel free to use this recipe!

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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