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Finding a Chef's job on the Internet

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There is a really great article that we just posted on about finding a job on the internet. The article was written by Patrick Brown a chef who has worked all over the world, and uses the Internet often in finding jobs. I would highly recommend reading it:


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There really is no more of a chance to get a lousy job over the internet than there is answering a job ad in the newspaper. The problem comes from checking things out carefully. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure you are gaining employment at a worthwhile place. 1) VISIT! when at all possible, visit, make sure it is an atmosphere you feel works with and for you; one you can learn and progress in 2)talk to other employees, are they happy there 3)check with the Better Business Bureau, see if they have fielded a lot of complaints about that particular place -- if people are complaining a lot about a place, 9 times out of 10, there are problems behind the scenes too. 4)research it on the net or in newspapers for the same reasons 5)talk to a convention and visitors burea or chamber rep, listen to what they have to say about a restaurant; being in the hospitality industry gives them more knowledge than someone off the street. 6)follow your instincts, if an interview makes you uneasy, or if personalities clash at the interview, listen to your feelings; instincts are often right.

Good Luck in the job search. For Denver, find the online Denver paper, you can search for job postings and start the resume process right there...
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See if you can find a subsidized or free law clinic near you who can help you resolve your problem with Harcourt.

If you quit with them because they were not living up to their promises, you would probably have a case. If it was because you changed your mind, they may have the advantage. Again, a clinic should be able to help or advise you.

I looked them up on the internet, while their home materials correspondance class policies, etc were not listed on the net, their online policies were; every i was dotted and t crossed. I have a feeling that they included a cancellation fee whether you realized it or not. By signing a statement agreeing you would pay $x dollars/month for x# of months, it could be binding. Again, check the small print and in some cases it is on the back.

If so, a clininc could help you settle or make a payment schedule.

You can't run or hide for long becasue they have your social security number. YOur social is used for jobs. If they can't access money through a bank account, if they pursue it enough, some states will let them garnish wages. YOu need to resolve this problem so you can live life without worrying about someone finding you and taking your money.

The following link gives you numbers and addresses within one hour of Post Falls.
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