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Most blades will suite a lefty, even if it is asymmetrically biased to a righty, single-bevels the exception of course.

Of your picks the Tojiro and FKM are the goto's here for entry level Japanese knives.  I didn't know MAC offered anything in that price range so the HB-85 looks very interesting, though I know nothing about it.

Just up from there are the Geshin stainless and Geshin Gonbei (you can bet on a very decent grind, overall quality and FF),  Misono ux10, Goko makes some decent stuff; Carbonext is very good semi-stainless, but the FF and grind are not so good as others;  the leftover aus-10 series from Hiromoto appear to be a decent snatch also, they can be had from for $7 shipping.

I'd steer clear of the Artifex, terribly thick grind and there have been a lot of quality control issues with the US made part of the Richmond line.

It's also a crapshoot with the slitbar.  A number of us also have concerns about the Soro considering its brazed construction and Shun's rep for thick grinds and poor QC, the Tojiro is a much better VG-10 option here.

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