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Hi all, 

So recently I had the opportunity to try a friend's Shun knife (I think it was Premier?) and it was amazing how well it cut. I've been using cheap knives my entire life and sawed my way through onions, and tomatoes while crushing them with the dull edge of my knife that was losing its rivets on the handle - without thinking about how a good knife makes everything so much easier. Naturally, I wanted to move to something a bit better and was lucky to find this forum. 

As you may have noticed I am left handed, but I presume I have been using "right handed knives" my entire life, as I haven't ever used a left-handed knife I was wondering if this is a critical factor when selecting a new knife for myself. My budget is set to $50-80 but I can be convinced to spend up to ~$100ish if it is truly worth the investment (I don't think I'll be buying a new knife after this one). Some of the knives that I've been looking at include: 

Tojiro DP Gyuto 210mm 

Shun Sora Chef's 8" knife

Victorinox Fibrox 8" - I heard this knife is the budget go-to but I'm not really a fan of the design to be honest (I'm a sucker for design, it's probably not a good thing haha...)

Fujiwara FKM No. 9W Gyuto 210mm 

Ikea Slitbar 8" 

Mac HB-85 Chef Series Chef Knife 

Richmond Artifex 210mm Gyuto

Most of my cooking environment involves relatively common household food tasks, it's just that I do a lot of it and would like something that wouldn't make something like finely dicing onions such as struggle - also I live in Toronto, Canada if that eliminates any potential options. 

Any guidance on whether these knives are suitable for the left-handed home chef and which one of them are worth looking into would be mucho appreciated! 

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