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Hi Everyone.
Got my new sous vide thingamajig and invited a couple to join us for dinner. I told them I was going to be experimenting on them with it. They had no clue what I was talking about; obviously, they don't read chef forums. Lol!
I would appreciate suggestions for cuts of meat/fish/etc. that lend themselves best to this type of cooking.
Thanks in advance!

ps: There are a ton of recipes on the cooker's site. Just wondering where to start.
That is a broad question. Would help to know more, like who you are cooking for, are they "foodies," what is your skill level, etc.

That being said, I agree that chicken breast is a good place to start. This is a common piece of meat that most people have had, and doing it sous vide could and should be a revelation for those who are used to traditional cooking and/or commonly overcooked chicken breast.

Steaks are also a good place to start. A nice ribeye or strip steak will show you the potential of sous vide (perfectly cooked edge to edge) and probably surprise and delight your guests.

Once you get a handle on the a la minute cooking things, like steak, chops, chicken, etc, you should move into longer cooking things that are basically impossible to achieve without sous vide...things like chef Bubba's 16 hr beef chuck. It sort of converts a chuck cut (very tough, but flavorful piece of meat) into an almost steak like experience with awesome flavor. Things like pork belly, pork shoulder, etc are all great.

Seafood is great sous vide too, really nice wild salmon, halibut, etc. is a great resource, especially for beginners. Lots of cool videos, recipes, and all that. They have a good archive of recipes for free and if you spring for premium it opens up even more. Premium is pretty affordable from what I remember.

If you have more specific questions also we're here to help!
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