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Hey guys so I'm about an hour into a slow-cooking process and realized I never washed my slow cooker. It's brand new and I literally just removed the packaging and went straight to dumping food inside of it. Do you guys think I should throw the food out or just eat it?

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Drink lots of alcoholic beverages while you eat. Make it so that anything bad can't live in the same environment with the alcohol.

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WOW. :p
You guys think the zombie virus creeped into
a brand new crockpot do yas? Every electronic device tells
you to wash it first, its SOP. I doubt there are germs or even
machine oil in there.....however you may find yerself
picking small pieces of styrofoam or other packing materials
out of your teeth. Only thing i can think of that could
be dangerous is clear plastic baggie material.
Should you survive it, i would definitely make a note not
to do that again.If all else fails, follow the instructions.

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I am a firm believer in "when in doubt throw it out" .
In the last 2 months have tossed a prime strip steak and a home butchered pkg of pork loin chops.
Both had been put in a camp fridge to thaw then left out on the counter until they were pretty warm.
At home no problem..but in a different environment no way.
We went out for shrimp instead.

Crockpot not washed?
Depends on how neurotic I am at the time.
You looked inside when removing the packing right?


There is a carton of eggs sitting in there that the neighbor gathered from her chickens.
Those I am tossing.
Have never been in her camper but the carton was sitting on her picnic table and were warm to touch.
Am I crazy?
Don't think so.

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