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This post was developed from the following thread:

Looking for a good Borsch recipe!

I stumbled onto a wonderous five language "Beef Glossary" <-- Click here!!!

The languages include the following:
French, German, English, Spanish (Argentine), Italian

Also included are tables of translations for Beef Cuts, Veal, Lamb, Pork, and Poultry

I don't think this could be more appropriate to utilize as a reference for the members here at ChefTalk.


You may find the following link very interesting.

Scroll down the "Meat Industry Document Archives". There are many articles concerning history! In reference to your post: "History of Food and Cooking Forum"


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Thank you -thank you- thank you :bounce:

I speak and read several languages ( more than three, Latin and Ancient Greek are not included) but my prejudism kept me away from German , now I will have the German version of a word easily

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