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Ive worked in commercial kitchens both mats and bare floor. Youve mentioned some down sides, mainly theyre a lot of work to clean, especially the ones with holes, theyre heavy and dificult to handle. Thus its us guys who usually haul em off the floor to clean.
IMO the holy ones suck. There are solid, non slip mats that are easier to keep clean, nothing "goes down" inside, you just sweep or damp mop the mats in place, when the floor gets too crudded up you move them to mop.
So why have em? Two reasons. One theyre non slip. And if you do fall, you have some cush for whatever hits.
Second, maybe cuz Im up 30 or 40 lbs, but the difference between walking back and forth for 10 hours on rubber mats vs bare tile floor is quite noticeable to me. I feel it in my feet, shins, back and even shoulders.
So to summarize I prefer solid rubber non slip mats.,
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