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Food and Wines Best New Chefs 2003

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Did anyone see this issue yet?
Anyone eat at any of these guys (sorry no ladies this year) restauaranats?
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I find it impossible to believe there is not one single decent new female chef out there in the universe. I don't think they look very hard.

This is especially difficult to fathom because of all the enrollments in cooking schools in the last ten years. Soon, the chef industry will be like MBA's, Lawyers and Doctors - glutted.
I don't know if anyone else was implying that standards should be lowered to accommodate any perceived "minority" group - but I certainly wasn't. I am merely pointing out that given increased enrollment in cooking schools in the last ten years coupled with more women taking the reins in professional kitchens, Food & Wine could have probably found a female chef to rival any of those they chose to feature on their cover. F&W's limiting of their "top rated" hot young chefs to men gives the false impression that there are no women worthy of such an honor.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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