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Food and Wines Best New Chefs 2003

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Did anyone see this issue yet?
Anyone eat at any of these guys (sorry no ladies this year) restauaranats?
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I don't believe that having 9 out of 10 "white"chefs is a coinsedence. You have to look at the demographic of executive and sous chef. A majority of them are "white" males.
However if Food and Wine were to release a "Best New Cook" then that is a whole different story on the ethnic matter.
if i were on the cover of food and wines best new chef knowing that i was chosen because i met their gender qouta or their race qouta, i would feel "uneasy" taking that award.
that is the day that my gender or my sex took over the place of my ability to cook. in a nutshell, that is discrimination.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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