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Food and Wines Best New Chefs 2003

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Did anyone see this issue yet?
Anyone eat at any of these guys (sorry no ladies this year) restauaranats?
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Could not have said it better myself, all the real working chefs are too busy working to worry about silly awards, their award is the accomplishments they achieve every day and night. As far as no women were included I think has to do with the fact that there are no registered female chefs at this point in history, correct me if I am wrong, this has no dis respect for women in general, just stating fact, same as you do not see any women in the NFL, NHL, NBA, does not mean they cannot play sports. I am all for equal rights and equal pay, but the work must also be of equal performance and accreditations.
Yup, its pretty bad, I know at least three Chefs in my area that are top notch, but **** we are from Oshawa, its like the academy awards, its all about hype and media. Lots of great people doing great work that go unnoticed in the lime light but are noticed by their clientel, I believe that is more imporatant.

Its politically motivated, there are a lot better Male Chefs out there too that are not noted, nor would they want to be? Like I said before, the REAL Chefs out there are too busy working to worry about silly propaganda magazines.

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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