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Food and Wines Best New Chefs 2003

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Did anyone see this issue yet?
Anyone eat at any of these guys (sorry no ladies this year) restauaranats?
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if i were on the cover of food and wines best new chef knowing that i was chosen because i met their gender qouta or their race qouta, i would feel "uneasy" taking that award.
that is the day that my gender or my sex took over the place of my ability to cook. in a nutshell, that is discrimination.
I don't know if anyone else was implying that standards should be lowered to accommodate any perceived "minority" group - but I certainly wasn't. I am merely pointing out that given increased enrollment in cooking schools in the last ten years coupled with more women taking the reins in professional kitchens, Food & Wine could have probably found a female chef to rival any of those they chose to feature on their cover. F&W's limiting of their "top rated" hot young chefs to men gives the false impression that there are no women worthy of such an honor.
Some people have a problem with my brand of feminism. Here's the deal. Women will never be able to cook like men if they continue to buy into the standards and values which men have set for themselves. What if women ruled the world? Do you think we'd place all this emphasis on strong lines, bold colors, height in presentation, and non-functional garnishes? Would basketball hoops be 10 feet high and do you think games like football and rugby would enjoy the popularity that they do now?

I find it odd that women who want to compete have to play by male rules. All they're doing is tightening the noose of male dominated views. Are you playing by their rules or your own? Try stepping out of their box... make your own.

It's not hard to build your own sand box....I I get to play with all kinds of folks.
6 years ago the tall white hat guys wouldn't let me play, so I found some cool friends and opened my own playground.
Trite saying but, "If you build it they'll come" rules are tough for some...use local seasonal food....within the past week I've had two chefs wanna add out of season shtuff.
At market we have:
delicata squash, zucchini, pittypan, babies with blossoms still on um, blossoms separate
Walla walla onions, torpedo, chippione, scallions, garlic scapes, green garlic, shallots, white onions, and another couple varieties
baby lettuce mix, ice berg, arugula, spicy greens, micro greens, sunflower sprouts
red new, yukon gold, french fingerlings, Caribe blue, and a few other potatoes
tomatoes....cherry and large ones....heirlooms are not quite in
black raspberries,blue berries and peaches
a few peppers
carrots, parisian, fingers, nubby ones
Japanese turnips and the purple top ones
dinasaur kale, russian kale, curly
swiss chard...neon rainbow and red
honey, eggs, lamb, chevre (herb, garlic, chipotle), bison, chicken
herbs including shiso and epizote
Beets, chioggia, golden, cylindrical, bulls blood, etc.....
cukes...english, pickling and regular
There is no eggplant out and one guy wanted to make an eggplant dish. Another wanted to make a spinach spinach. So....with the foremost rule of doing a cooking demo at the market is you use market food. My sandbox, my rules.
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That's wonderful to hear shroom.

Of course, but I have yet to meet a beneficiary of diversification policies who is at the same time unqualified for the job. Diversity is more often achieved through outreach and incentives rather than quotas.

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