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food costs

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do any of you get involved in purchasing?

my dairy costs (particularly butter) have been rising out of sight- my latest invoice blew me away- i figured my butter prices have risen 55% since February (my supplier promised me it was only temporary- and that was last month at the 40%level) - since i have a wholesale and retail bakery- my selling prices must stay relatively fixed -i cant flow with market pricing like a hotel or restaurant- i wont substitute for the butter-
Yikes!! time to check other suppliers- unless this is an across the market phenom like gas prices

anyone else going through this? and dare we get into average price per pound for things
in different parts of the country - and Canada?
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Here in Lalaland we're paying $2.46/# on a case of 30# solids. The only time I cut the butter with 1/2 shortening is in cookie doughs, more for the spreading and consistency than the actual cost.
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