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food costs

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do any of you get involved in purchasing?

my dairy costs (particularly butter) have been rising out of sight- my latest invoice blew me away- i figured my butter prices have risen 55% since February (my supplier promised me it was only temporary- and that was last month at the 40%level) - since i have a wholesale and retail bakery- my selling prices must stay relatively fixed -i cant flow with market pricing like a hotel or restaurant- i wont substitute for the butter-
Yikes!! time to check other suppliers- unless this is an across the market phenom like gas prices

anyone else going through this? and dare we get into average price per pound for things
in different parts of the country - and Canada?
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well, butter is one of those thangs that will go up and down with the market and it is the hardest thing to promise a fixed cost on.

the first thing i would do is compare prices with other venders but like i said, that might not get you to far since dairy goes up and down with the market.

the second thing i would comsider doing is substituting a little shortening in lace of butter. for example, instead of using 100 percent butter, maybe use 85 percent butter and 15 percent shortning. that will still provide you with a nice selling product and your customers wont really notice since there is still a substanual butter content in there.

another thing you can do.... and i know all of the people who read this will think i am freaking crazy....not saying i'm not but hey...

when i was in delaware, i was reading some paper about food and it had a whole section of itialan pastries. instead of buter, they use olive oil. i think it is a cup of oil for 3/4 cup of butter but i am not sure. i will have to look it up.

i am not sure that will really fly with american custumers since we all like high fat products, nomrally butter and shortening. just an idea.

best of luck to you. let me know how it pans out.
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i just talked with one of my chefs and i presented this question to him. his answer was to see if you can buy more from your vendor to drive down the price. that sounded like an idea.

my idea that came to me while talking with him was to buy direct from the dairy farm. then you will cut the middle man cost. i remember a bakery that used to do this. they saved a lot of money too. try it.
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