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I was watching "A Cook's Tour" last night and I was engrossed the whole show. This is what I would like to do after I graduate from J&W. I truly respect Anthony Bourdain, he is going out on the edge of the culinary world sampling various cultures foods and cusuine(sp?). What better way to learn about a people and their culture then to sit at the table with them and eat what they eat. Food is the one thing that everyone in the world has in common and what better way to "break the ice" then to eat with people you dont know. I have also watched Bobby Flay's show, but I don't care for it. When I've watched the show and hes on with another chef, I get the feeling from the way he talks and acts towards them that he is looking down on them and I feel he shows absolutely zero respect.
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I have spent time traveling the U.S. and I enjoyed the experience allot, but the things I want to do with my career I feel can only be found by traveling the world and experiencing the people and their food in their native enviroment.
And as for reading, I do allot of it. Not the books that were mentioned, but I have a nice collection going all the same. Besides cooking I also enjoy studying Anthropology, which I enjoy combineing with my love of cooking and viola, this man wants to travel the world and experience the people and their cuisine in the native enviroment.

@ Suzanne
Maybe I took it the wrong way, but don't ever talk to me like I'm a child and don't ever talk down to me.I came to this board to hopefully learn and maybe pass on some of my own knowledge, not be treated like a child. Traveling and cooking have always been my ambition and dream.
ShawtyCat thank you so much for understanding where I'm coming from with this. Allot can be experienced with different ethnic cuisine here in the U.S, but its not truly authentic because it has been subtley changed to fit american tatse's. I want to experience the real deal, and to do that I must travel to these places and sample it in its native enviroment, plus like someone once told me (Thanks for the advice Shawty;) ) the stories behind the food are probably the most exciting part of the experience.

I guess I still have the excitement of youth with me and have'nt yet been burned out and become bitter and hardened like some of the chefs on this planet.

And yes Bobby Flay is a complete well I think you can figure out what comes next
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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