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I was watching "A Cook's Tour" last night and I was engrossed the whole show. This is what I would like to do after I graduate from J&W. I truly respect Anthony Bourdain, he is going out on the edge of the culinary world sampling various cultures foods and cusuine(sp?). What better way to learn about a people and their culture then to sit at the table with them and eat what they eat. Food is the one thing that everyone in the world has in common and what better way to "break the ice" then to eat with people you dont know. I have also watched Bobby Flay's show, but I don't care for it. When I've watched the show and hes on with another chef, I get the feeling from the way he talks and acts towards them that he is looking down on them and I feel he shows absolutely zero respect.
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bacchus, don't listen to them. the food that you will get in the states is in no way comparable to what you will get abroad. i have worked in asia now for 7 years as an executive chef. i've spent 2 years in thailand, one in vietnam, and am now living in singapore. i can guarantee you that the food you will get abroad is far superior to what is available at home. i actually think it ignorant for the person to suggest that you stay in america to try ethnic cuisine, and that no travel is necessary. see the world while you're young and free. i have absolutely no regrets about playing the nomadic chef role. you can always return to the states if you don't like it abroad. but you'll never pick up the nuances of other cuisines without living and working with the people.
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