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Wow! Great fun for chefs and eaters alike.
You can come to STL on June 6th and see a food event in Clayton for a mere
$5. I'm directing the "chef demo" stage. 4 chefs demoing dishes for 30 minutes each with 2 TV "personalities" chatting them up on stage.
Loose cannon?! All in the middle of a park in a large tent with (2) 6 foot tables on a platform for a stage.....I did talk them into a 10x10 back prep tent to do the necessary grunt work that makes all of it look easy/beautiful.

So demo one: Lisa Slay from Remy's will make her lebanese grandmothers hummos with variations (add ins) and steak sandwiches.

2) Viking came in late (yesterday) and is making a portabello burger?!!!
I consulted with the chef and they changed their minds....this is going to be an INTERESTING gig.

3) Adam Lambay is making Rashimi Chicken with cucumber salad.....
he just got back from Mombay (his father's home) and is making a dish remisent of that trip.

4) Ed Neill is demoing Sweet chevre cheesecake with red wine sauce and macerated berries. Sauce Verte and veg from the market.
He may be on live feed from the tent!

So I met with the personalities....ugh. Their main concern was how much they could act up on stage, and wether the chefs would wanna joke around with them....or if they could make fun of them?!!!!
I then realized AGAIN who my people are and why I work so well with them.
It's a whole nother personality type that gets on TV to do the news....most had never been to these close by restaurants....????....
So after assuring them that the chefs would like their questions and it could be entertaining to a point, I said,"I'll be the serious one directing the stage, making sure everything goes right, the chefs have what they need, timing is working, AND I'll probably not be smiling alot at the event."

That's what I'm doing alot of these days. How quickly and seamlessly I went from the kitchen to behind the stage.....I do remember what a stove looks like but it seems further and further away.
Funny note, I asked that the Food and Wine Experience Stage NOT have a full stove, more pain than they are worth!!! I prefer burners only. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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