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Food safety for chicken

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Hi everyone,

I am new to cooking and I do need your help regarding food safety for raw chicken as I don't know how to judge this.

I wanted to marinate my chicken overnight and cook tomorrow. Therefore I washed it by soaking it with cold tape water for a while (less than 15 mins) which I know is not a good way to wash the meat after doing some research online. Next I rinsed it with cold water. I also accidentally rinsed it with warm water for a few seconds. I marinated it and now it's in my fridge.

Question: Is it still safe to cook and eat this chicken? Thanks so much!!
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Sure, its perfectly fine to dump that marinade into
a saute' pan and turn it into a mouthwatering sauce
or gravy. Which ive done many times, with many
different marinades. And once its cooked down for a few
minutes, you can baste with it too.
All true, and food micro biology is fascinating, I worked in a frzn food factory for a year in QC.

I think we're all pretty cautious about raw chicken, Im just saying Ive cooked literally thousands

of pieces of the little cluckers in various ways,both in catering and for me and family, and

have never had a problem im aware of. Im just careful about temps and cross contamination,

especially in the home, where various operations arent usually as separated as they are in a

commercial kitchen environment.

A big part of course is from where youre getting your chicken in the first place.
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I hope Coffeequeen comes back to read this discussion although she's probably cooked the chicken in question by now.
Well yeah, I certainly hope it's not still marinading all this time! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif
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