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Food safety for chicken

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Hi everyone,

I am new to cooking and I do need your help regarding food safety for raw chicken as I don't know how to judge this.

I wanted to marinate my chicken overnight and cook tomorrow. Therefore I washed it by soaking it with cold tape water for a while (less than 15 mins) which I know is not a good way to wash the meat after doing some research online. Next I rinsed it with cold water. I also accidentally rinsed it with warm water for a few seconds. I marinated it and now it's in my fridge.

Question: Is it still safe to cook and eat this chicken? Thanks so much!!
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I rinse meat (except ground meat) because I can't stand the bloody liquid that accumulates in the wrapper. With chicken, the cavity has bits of gut tissue that I also find unappetizing. So I rinse the cavity well. If I'm not going to truss, I cut off the neck and tail. I just rinsed and dried a chicken, covered it in a herb dry brine/rub. Put it back in the refrigerator uncovered. I'll roast it tomorrow. I've cooked chicken like this for years without an incident of foodborne illness. The only time I ever got sick from eating at home was a result of store bought cheese. Everyone in the family who ate the cheese got sick. Those who didn't eat it were fine.
AH. That explains it. You get your chicken in a wrapper, and the wrapper is probably full of chicken juices.

I get my chicken dry, enveloped in butcher paper.
Yes the wrapper is always full of that bloody juice. When it comes to fish, beef, and pork, it's always the butcher. But every time I buy that $20 organic whole chicken from the butcher, it turns out dry. A few weeks I ago when I was shopping for groceries I asked why the cheap chicken in refrigerator case always turned out juicy, and the expensive chicken always turned out so dry the breasts are completely inedible. The answer was it was probably because the salt water solution used in cheap chicken may be acting like a brine.

I find the same issues with the cooked rotisserie chickens. Whole Foods organic rotisserie chicken is so dry it will make me choak.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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