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Food safety for chicken

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Hi everyone,

I am new to cooking and I do need your help regarding food safety for raw chicken as I don't know how to judge this.

I wanted to marinate my chicken overnight and cook tomorrow. Therefore I washed it by soaking it with cold tape water for a while (less than 15 mins) which I know is not a good way to wash the meat after doing some research online. Next I rinsed it with cold water. I also accidentally rinsed it with warm water for a few seconds. I marinated it and now it's in my fridge.

Question: Is it still safe to cook and eat this chicken? Thanks so much!!
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Here are some tips to keep in mind when handling chicken. 

1)  If you must wash it - a few seconds under cold water will do

2) Wash everything it touches - hot water and soap.  The water should be as hot as you can stand it.  When it reaches the temp where you can barely stand it, make it a little hotter. 

3) Wash your hands each time after you handle the chicken.  So many people forget and touch other things like pot lids and handles, knives, the refrigerator get the point.

4) If you are putting the chicken in a plastic bag to marinate or freeze, wash your hands BEFORE you seal the bag

5) If you use a knife or utensil on the raw chicken, only use that knife or utensil on the chicken.  If you only have one knife or utensil, see #2.  Make sure you wash the utensils before you use them on the cooked chicken.

6) Do not baste the chicken with the same marinade that it soaked in.  Make a separate batch.

7) Marinade your chicken in the fridge - 4 to 6 hours should be plenty of time, less if the marinade contains some form of acid such as citrus or vinegar (the acidity will actually begin to break down the chicken)

8) If you often prepare chicken, make it a point to have a cutting board dedicated exclusively for chicken.  I have one for non protein items (several, actually), one for red meats and pork, one for seafood and one for poultry. 

9) Familiarize yourself with the proper cleaning and care of your cutting boards

10) Wash everything (this one is so important, it has to be listed twice).

Your home state will probably offer some sort of food handling course.  They are usually free and usually offered on line.  If there is a fee for the course, its usually nominal.  In some states, you can't work in a commercial kitchen or handle food served to the public without one.  Even though working in a commercial kitchen or serving food to the public may not be your goal, the course will offer some very good information on food safety and handling. 

Good luck!  :)
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Although the OP does not specify, I think the chicken that she wants to marinate are parts, not the whole bird. 

Otherwise, I agree that washing a whole bird with the exception of rinsing the cavity is really not necessary. 
The health department warned us against washing chicken. Great way to spread bacteria all over the area and you. Just clean out the cavity with paper towels and pat the outside dry. That's all you have to do.
I think OP is talking about chicken parts, not the whole bird.
Doesn't matter. In fact there is probably less of a necessity to wash the parts. If your chicken is that "skunky" you need to look for a better source.
I think you are misreading what I had originally said.
Go back and re-read the OP. She refers to the chicken as "it." She continues calling the chicken "it."

No parts.
I think what she said could be interpreted both ways. Marinating an entire chicken in the way she describes really makes no sense. That is why I think she is actually talking about parts and not a whole bird. But, I freely admit the possibility that you could be right and she is talking about a whole bird. Either way, I never said she must definitely wash the chicken. I said "if [she] must wash it, a few seconds under cold water will do." :)
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