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Frangi tart base lifting when baking

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My frangi tarts have a problem where the base is lifting off the sheet, creating a bubble under the case. The pastry is lined and filled with frangi and fruit, and then chilled before baking. Any idea what causes this? I'm baking in a deck oven
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My guess, for all it's worth, is that you're using a tart pan with or without removable bottom. Rolling the dough, cutting a circle larger than the pan, placing it on top and then bringing in the sides and firming up the sides.

With a deck, you should cut the circle the same size as the bottom. Press it firmly on to bottom to push the air underneath to the sides and out. then use a snake for the sides.

Now, this is just me,

but I wouldn't use any grease, blind bake, turn it on it's side, etc. I would retard the short alone. Fill and chill or bake off.

I would use Quillion instead of Silicone if available. Their much cheaper and work better.

I truly feel you're just trapping air under the dough. The 90 degree angle prevents the the air from getting out.

The pies generally have a outward angle on the pan, so the air rides out with the butter, plus you usually start in the middle pressing down outwardly.

Test it, take the short when soft and use small chunks and press them in place from the middle out, then the sides.

Just remember, it's not Rocket Surgery./img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

BTW a good Frangipane torte, the crust should be blended with the filling. Blind baking is ok but the separation of flavors is not desireable, for me at least.
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@kokopuffs, my question about your method, which is great for a baked shell, but how are you going to bake a filling like Frangipane, brown butter, etc. fillings without overcooking or burning the shell?
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